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We strongly believe the telephone is still the best channel to promote products and services. Whether it's an inbound customer call or an outbound marketing call. Marketing by telephone continues to be the most effective method of reaching new and existing customers. Whether it's new customer acquisition, up selling to existing customers or conducting market research, outbound calling has the potential for excellent return-on-investment. Impact can be immediate, dynamic, flexible, and requires very little capital spending. It can ensure growth while generating new jobs in the marketplace.

A phone call can communicate a key corporate message quickly, and when product specifications or pricing changes, updates can easily be communicated at little cost.

In this fast-paced business world, few companies can afford not to generate new customer leads on a regular basis, and a well-managed call centre can be an excellent tool for new customer acquisition. In addition, the right call centre can help improve and streamline sales process, thus lowering the cost of customer acquisitions.

Call Marketing can also be an opportunity to improve your knowledge. The right call centre, with the right tools in place, can keep your database fresh, reducing the number of wasted calls, and improve the accuracy of customer contact information. Most of all, the direct by phone approach provides the human touch that many customers want, and there's still a sizable section of the population who like to be contacted by phone and will take advantage of the right offer.

Ultimately, telemarketing can be a positive experience for both business looking to grow and the consumers interested in the benefits that their products and services provide.

Our program execution process includes the planning, construction, implementation and ongoing training, design and delivery; contact management; knowledge base management; database management; quality assurance monitoring and verification; reporting design and distribution; list management; and, program management.

Multi-media call centre outsourcing services & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), including both inbound and outbound, customer care, human resource outsourcing, finance & accounting, help desk & technical support, e-mail, web chat, recovery and retention teleservices programs.

Specializing in the management of end-to-end customer contact solutions including BPO, telemarketing and customer care.

State-of-the art operations in onshore, near-shore and offshore locations through a network of best-in-class facilities providing a full-service solution.

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